Hidden Valley Rentals was created in 2006.  Founders Ron Zorn Jr and Dale Clifton decided to purchase a property on the Hidden Valley Resort and hire a management company. Soon they purchased other properties but became unsatisfied with their management provider and decided to manage their properties on their own.  

As time passed and experience was gained, they began offering their services to other homeowners...and Hidden Valley Rentals was born.  Hidden Valley Rentals is now the leader in property management on the Hidden Valley Resort.  

Not only do we provide exemplary customer service to both homeowners and guests, we take pride in our property standards and care.  Only when the bridge between home owners, management, and guests is built can a successful relationship blossom.


For Our Guests

Provide a positive and unforgettable rental experience   

Place guests in the appropriate accommodation according to their needs and requests

Maintain our commitment to unparalleled customer service and quality accommodation

 For Our Property Owners

Provide personalized and superior management services

Operate with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism

Maintain an open line of communication and respect



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